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Google+ TV campaign

Tomorrow (Saturday 31st March) Google breaks a new TV campaign to drive usage of its Google+ service.

Whilst most of the UK have yet to discover Google+, the search giant already claim 100m global users, and brands like Cadburys have also generated 700m ‘Likes’ in only a number of weeks through the platform. My guess is that the UK figure is probably 4m-5m users, of which about half have re-visited since signing up. (Only Google know the real answer here and they are notoriously cagey about their stats).

The platform does offer some unique features via ‘Hangouts’, and it’s core ‘+1′ recomendation functionality will appear over the whole Google portfolio i.e. Search, YouTube, Maps, etc… However, the real issue is that most consumers will still think of it as an alternative to Facebook. The TV ad may go some way to tackling this perception.

So do I like it?

Mmmm, I’m not sure, as the main problem is that 0 (yes, Zero)  of my friends outside of media are using it.

I think I will have to come back in 1 month’s time to blog about whether this has changed, and if the TV ad has had any effect on my circle of friends. I’m pretty sure they still watch TV so they should see the ad.