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Is your Facebook reach decreasing?

If you haven’t heard about Facebook’s latest Edgerank algorithm change, you may have started noticing its effect when you look at the organic reach of your posts on Facebook over the past two months.

Social Bakers and We are Social have published some research into the reach and engagement of posts on Facebook from the 157 most active commercial pages from 10th Aug – 9th Oct this year. They clearly show that, although engagement with the posts is staying consistent across this period, the reach is slowly but surely decreasing.

We know that Facebook is continuously making changes to their Edgerank algorithm, as a spokesperson told Business Insider:

“We’re continuing to optimize the news feed to show the posts that people are most likely to engage with, ensuring they see the most interesting stories. This aligns with our vision that all content should be as engaging as the posts you see from friends and family.”

So Facebook are trying to make the user experience more relevant and valuable to their users? That can only be a good thing, right?

Well yes, although they’re just really stepping it up this time, which also means that brands trying to connect with the fans that have actively liked their pages will have an even harder job to do so. Many will have to resort to spending even more money on promoted posts if they want to be able to reach more of their fans – win win for Facebook.

You may say that if engagement’s not dropping, what does it matter? The interested people are being reached and they are engaging with the brand, which is after all the main objective of brands within social – engagement with consumers. Well, that’s true to a point, but with a lack of reach also comes the lack of potential for engagement, and turning people reached into people engaged is what community managers are always optimising towards.

So what does this new development mean for brand pages? It means making sure that your content strategy is well thought out and optimised towards engagement – it’s never been about just how many fans you have but what you do with them. This is important now more than ever if you want to make sure you reach as many of them as you can.

Your paid strategy is also something that needs consideration. Facebook themselves have said

“…if a page has a piece of content that it feels will be very engaging e.g. a good offer, a great photo, an announcement, etc. then using paid media to “boost” that post to fans in newsfeed can be an effective tool to increase engagement with fans.”

So now that we seem to be seeing a striking decrease in organic and viral reach, it’s more important than ever to think about how best to use Facebook’s promoted products in conjunction with great content to ensure that people are seeing your content and you’re doing all you can to encourage engagement with it.