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DerrenBrownBySeamusRyan03.jpgEver wondered what makes the creative mind tick? Since creative thinking is at the heart of what we do, it’s something that we marvel at every day. In fact, ‘marvel’ is probably the wrong word; you could replace it with ‘obsess’, since it’s a form of obsession that drove us to putting together Arena’s Little Book of Magic

Our lovingly-curated little book is stuffed full of interviews and ideas designed to kneed and nurture the creative mind. Inside, you’ll find chats we had with everyone from Derren Brown to Miho Hatori (that’s Noodle from Gorillaz to you and I), photos by one of the most in-demand brand photographers in London (and his tips on how to take the perfect picture), hints on how to view the world from a movie director’s perspective, a guide to writing a novel, an introduction to Japanese meditative art, magic tricks and origami templates… we’ve really been to town!

We’re so pleased with it, in fact, that we wanted to share our Little Book of Magic with the rest of the world, and you can have a copy of your own, right now, courtesy of eFlip. Just open the free eBook in the application linked below.

But before you begin, we’d like to offer special thanks to a few of the people that worked so hard on this project, in particular Justin Gibbons (Creative Director), Jon Wilks (Editorial Director), Tilly Patsalis (designer), and our in-house contributors, Todd Baker, Deborah Klaassen and Olya Yartseva.

And so, without further ado, allow us to present Arena’s Little Book of Magic. Let the creative thinking commence…

Click the pic to view our eBook

Click the pic to view our eBook