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In less than a year, this toddler was viewed over 3.9 million times on YouTube. She received almost 7,000 likes, but also 3,500 dislikes. What’s so special about her?

The video shows how a 1-year-old tries to scroll and zoom in on a magazine the same way she would on an iPad. The little girl puts her finger on the sore spot: with the new generation being able to interact with touch screens before they can read their own name, the era of print may be coming to an end. Or, as the maker of the video puts it: “For my 1 year old daughter, a magazine is an iPad that doesn’t work. It will remain so for her whole life. Steve Jobs has coded a part of her OS.”
If the launch of eReaders such as the Kindle and Nook made one thing clear, it is that the future of print is a very sensitive topic that sparks endless debates. No surprise then, that there are about 3,000 comments on a video titled “A Magazine Is an iPad That Does Not Work”. But is “the end of print” really what this playing child stands for?

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