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Apple love a good guessing game, and with the launch of a new iPhone – or two! – tonight, they’ve truly got fans around the world hard at work in that rumour mill. There have been over 200,000 tweets speculating about the ‘iPhone 6’ this year already.

It’s not official yet what the new model will be called, but word on the net is that it will either be called the ‘iPhone 5S’ or the ‘iPhone 6’. In August, there were between 3,000 and 9,000 mentions of the ‘iPhone 5S’ every day, and just under 3,000 tweets about the ‘iPhone 6’, so people clearly expect Apple to follow the trend of previous ‘S’ updates. The most recent rumour doing the rounds is that, as well as the ‘5S’ or ‘6’, Apple might release a more affordable handset, dubbed the ‘5C’. However, the already available iPhone 5 still dominates the conversation, mentioned in around 12,000 tweets a day.

THR015 Social Chatter - iPhone Conversations Graphic

So what are the expectations of the forthcoming handset?


Graphic designers around the world have entertained themselves and the rest of the world with genuine-looking concept videos and images. Some have really let their imagination run wild, suggesting completely transparent handsets, fingerprint detection in the home button and other quirky features. A concept video suggesting that the ‘iPhone 6’ may be able to project a keyboard onto a flat surface while projecting a screen from the other side was viewed over 13 million times, and received over 53,000 likes.


Bloggers and influencers on Twitter have predicted that the ‘iPhone 5S’ will come in gold as well as black and white. There is more speculation about colours from those who believe that Apple will release a cheaper, plastic version of the iPhone 5 to appeal to the Asian market. The ‘5C’ is expected to be available in a wide range of colourful plastics. These rumours are probably inspired by the current generation of iPods.

A third of the social media mentions of the new iPhone involved gold, 21% involved black, a further 21% involved white, 16% involved a more generic ‘plastic’, while metal and silver appeared in 4% of conversations each.

Around the world

It seems Apple’s new smartphone is generating most buzz in Southeast and Central Asia, as most Google searches for ‘iPhone 6’came from this area of the world. Despite the fact that Apple have not yet released any product specifications, one of the most tweeted phrases in relation to the ‘iPhone 6’ is already ‘world’s favorite smartphone’.


Based on research conducted by Arena for the article A new iPhone – what social media has to say for our client Three Mobile