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While 007 is losing interest in watches that do more than tell the time, the rest of the world is getting very excited about “enhanced wristwatches”. The latest rumour is that Apple and Samsung are developing smartwatches.

Your first thought probably is that you don’t want the screen of your smartphone to get smaller.

Here’s why that won’t stop them from becoming a big trend: your watch won’t replace your phone, it will be the second screen to your smartphone. With a Bluetooth connection, you’ll be able to control music, view social networks, read emails and text messages, check and mute incoming calls, etc.

If that piqued your interest, you’re probably on your way to amazon, where you’ll discover that you can get a smartwatch already from £20. For Androids, there’s the Sony Ericsson MN800 for just £20, or the £80 LiveView Touch with… well, a touch screen. (You’ll have to order the strap separately, by the way.)

For iPhone users, I think the best thing that will be released in the very near future is the Pebble, which uses E-paper so that your watch won’t run out of juice every other day. This one’s perfect if you fancy yourself a bit of a Bond, as it’s water-resistant up to 5 BAR in both fresh and salt water. This means you’ll be able to dive as deep as 50 meters and still change tracks afterwards.